Nutrition Label Reform

The FDA’s changes to Nutrition Facts labeling, finalized in May 2016, are the most extensive revisions to occur in decades. From brand image, label design and format, and new, potentially onerous record keeping requirements; companies must decide whether to simply re-label products, or to re-package, reformulate or even remove them from shelves.

SGS’s business model provides a simplified, integrated approach to navigate the latest FDA requirements regarding brand image, label design and format, record keeping and new Nutrition Facts labeling. We help brands achieve compliance, from strategy through execution, quickly and easily.

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Private Label Services

SGS has extensive experience in private label package development, providing custom solutions that take brands from concept to shelf quickly, efficiently, and economically. We understand the complex package development cycle and we skillfully facilitate the process though a turn-key service for our clients.

Pharmaceutical and

Life Science

Patient safety and successful treatment is at the core of everything that SGS does when it comes to the life science industry. With dedicated SGS sites and life science teams, we have built a robust GMP-compliant workflow with subject matter experts who ensure labeling and packaging adhere to all design guidelines and laws, implementing risk management into the overall operating framework.

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