Brand Guardianship

Brands cost a lot of money to create, but they’ll cost you even more if you don’t protect them. Brand Guardianship from SGS is the ultimate way to protect your brand investment. Our Brand Guardianship program, powered by HUGO, is our SGS best in class color management integrated with GMI established global packaging quality, to provide you with the ultimate closed loop solution. It is the combination of our smart technology and expertise that we integrate into each step of a brand’s journey to shelf that enables us to deliver the best possible results.

Brand Guardianship is what we offer, HUGO is how we deliver it.


Our Approach

Our Print Quality solution is built around four main areas that we feel are essential to deliver the required results: Consistency, Confidence, Control and Cost Savings.

Consistency starts with setting accurate standards and color targets for your production requirements. We want to clearly define and document the program, and then communicate and share it effectively. The Confidence we can bring is greatly enhanced by our Packaging Supplier Assessments, as well as Printer Certifications, and Qualifications. Control comes from the core of SGS, with our proven expertise in color managed pre-press, contract proofs that predict final press results, and image carriers that are manufactured to take into account the specific variables that a printer will need to manage and control. All of this together results in Cost Savings.


Introducing Hugo

Journey from Design to Physical Shelf: A Whole World of Packaging Variables to Control

Comprehensive Brand Guardianship Overview

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