Interactive Print

By matching brands with the right innovation and a spot-on conversion narrative, the package can be transformed into a portal to the digital world. In an omni-channel world, brands that connect print to digital media will meet the expectations of today’s consumer for an easy, seamless experience at any moment. Brands will also identify new ways to delight consumers as more data is collected and used to inform marketing about brand experiences. Learn more about our approach and the technologies utilized to engage consumers and influence purchase decisions.

Advanced Product


The most widely recognized form of product identification, the UPC code, is over 40 years old. Think outside the box (package) for a moment… How much has technology changed the TV over the last 40 years? Significantly improved computing power and scanning technologies now allow for a step change in product identification.


Implement advanced product identification to save money through improved productivity. The starting point is knowing your numbers and the value each item per minute improvement means to the business.


Save by reducing waste. Prevent grey market trading. Unlock millions of unique, personalized experiences. And many more applications…

Distortion Graphics

Stand out from the competition by adding tactile, dimensional shape to packaging and displays. Achieve distortion effects that make your packaging and displays both impactful and unique. By demonstrating the effects of production variance on graphics, we’re able to identify necessary design modifications early on that will drive more accurate branding results on shelf. Enhance creativity by removing limitations and risks with SGS’s proprietary approach to distortion.

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