Workflow Audits

Making sure projects move from point A to point B accurately, efficiently, and expediently is critical. SGS has created a Lean Business System to ensure that project workflow is customized and adjusted for specific client requirements, monitored for efficiency and errors, and evaluated once the job is delivered. We work alongside our clients to review both the current environment and identify future state goals in order to identify the best ways to improve project workflow. We have the expertise, technology, and process monitoring in place to make sure your project is completed right the first time, and that your brand gets to market on time and on budget.

Project Management

SGS’s online branding development platform, Dragonfly, helps deliver branding changes to market faster, more efficiently, and with greater accuracy. Providing a secure online hub for projects, documents and data, this leading edge client technology is modern, easy to use, and allows for a flexible approach: encouraging re-use rather than re-invention.

Dragonfly enables our clients to quickly achieve the next level in packaging development; working faster and smarter to meet the ever-changing needs of the global marketplace.

To learn more, visit Dragonfly.

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