Creating press-ready artwork for the packaged goods industry is what we do, and is what sets us apart. We’re known for our attention to detail, proficiency with small and large product series, consistently high production quality, and our wide range of execution capabilities from simple file alteration to concept origination. We have a respectful and efficient working partnership between both creative and technical worlds, allowing SGS to work with agencies and printers harmoniously on behalf of our clients.

When SGS builds artwork, we build it with the end-use in mind. This means the artwork has been normalized for the proper use of colors, layers, resolution, and output requirements. When artwork is combined with prepress, there are workflow synergies that can drive both automation and significant cost savings.


SGS offers retouching, image assembly, file creation, color separation and digital/film output and image carrier preparation. Our prepress process is key to ensuring that our client’s graphics are reproduced accurately and with uniform color, using different package printing processes and substrates, in a timely and cost-efficient manner. We work closely with our clients, providing soft proofing, online proofing and digital proofing to facilitate their involvement and approval.

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