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Accessing SGS Financial Information

Thank you for your interest in SGS. SGS makes select financial information and reports available to holders of our Senior Notes and to any beneficial owners of the Senior Notes, as well as any prospective investors, securities analysts or market makers. The information is posted in a password-protected online data system and requires a signed eligibility letter.

If you meet the criteria of a qualified investor, please click here in order to complete the eligibility letter. Please e-mail the completed form to Eligible persons who submit a completed form will receive an email with instructions for accessing the secured area.

If you already have a log-in ID and password click here to enter SGS's secure financial data site.

Please refer to our archive for prior years filings.

* Please note that documents are listed according to the date they were filed. For example, the Annual Report on 10-K for 2011 appears under 2012 SEC Filings.

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