SGS provides a portfolio of
dynamic, effective solutions to
the largest brands in the world.

We function as a critical link between brand owners, their creative partners and printers & converters. This is a unique position, allowing us to leverage our upstream brand expertise with our print knowledge to deliver a seamless end-to-end solution. We are always listening to our clients and growing with them.

We have an entrepreneurial and innovative spirit and are constantly evolving. Our team of artisans and technical experts are the backbone behind not just our brand, but our clients’, working day in and day out behind the scenes to make sure what we deliver is second to none.

From humble
beginnings, to
global powerhouse.

SGS started operations in 1946 as Southern Gravure Services, and grew to become an industry leader in gravure cylinder engraving and image carrier manufacturing. In time, the company evolved into the integrated marketing and packaging production powerhouse we are today.

After 60 years, you could safely say we get it.

Our extensive graphic capabilities including artwork, prepress and image carrier services, streamline the technical design process, consistently producing superior quality packaging with quick turnarounds. We do this by minimizing handoffs between providers, leading to fewer errors, expedited time-to-market and sustained brand consistency across geographies, all at a lower overall cost than many of our non-vertically integrated competitors.

We are Better. Faster. Leaner.

As a centralized graphic services company, SGS maintains the latest equipment and workflow technologies available. We focus on innovation and automation of graphic processes as our core business. Our entire business model is based upon standards and best practices; we promise brand continuity across printing processes, geographic regions, and packaging structures and substrates.

Where we are going.

The tried and true ways of working, the core beliefs and the entrepreneurial spirit of SGS is carried forward by sgsco today. Sgsco is a collective of complementary companies with all operations related and intertwined, working in synergy to make the whole greater than the sum of the parts.

Learn more about all of the services under the sgsco umbrella including: Strategic Brand Design & Innovation, Adaptive Design, Integrated Shopper Marketing, 3D CGI and Digital Management & Distribution

Join our team.

SGS recruits the best of the best. Our people are team players committed to excellence, and are eager to embrace new concepts and technologies. Our global footprint provides opportunities to share worldwide learning, insights, and understanding in order to create unique solutions for all our partners.

If you have the talent, ability and desire to contribute to the success of SGS and the brands we work with, please contact us at

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